Original Vs Counterfeit : Original Genuine Hp Toners and Cartridges Guide

30 Mar

Original Vs Counterfeit : Original Genuine Hp Toners and Cartridges Guide

Original Vs Counterfeit : Original Genuine Hp Toners and Cartridges Guide.

With a lot of counterfeit products in the market, GawaOnlineStore is committed to ensure that our esteemed customers get what they pay for. We have prepared a guide on how to Check Original Genuine Hp Toners Cartridges.

Why is this important?

A lot of consumers end up spending a lot more than they would like due to purchasing of counterfeit products. This may be in the form of damaged printers, or incompatibility issues. Original Hp Toners and Cartridges ensure Consistent quality and reliable performance . Original HP cartridges are engineered to give only the highest print quality, saving you time, money and hassles, while helping to minimize your environmental footprint.

Counterfeiting is a form of fraud that deceives you into buying poor quality and unreliable products by stating otherwise. These counterfeits do not offer any of the quality and reliability that comes with an Original HP Cartridge.

To protect you against such fraudulent practices, HP has taken steps to ensure that the products you have purchased are adequately protected with security seals to prevent counterfeiting.

Check Original Genuine Hp Toners Cartridges

Some of the steps you can take to ensure you always purchase original Hp toners include :

Step 1 : Check for Genuine Security Seal

There are various ways to check for genuine seal these include :

Location of the hologram/ Hp security label.

All original Hp Toners and Cartridges have same type of holograms and production codes on labels. On toner cartridge box, holograms/Hp security label are located at the joint of the box and a tear-off stripe. So, upon opening, a part of hologram label is torn off with the stripe, the other part remains on the box.

To identify a genuine seal:

toner seal

  1. Tilt box front to back to see “OK” and “” move in opposite directions.
  2. Tilt box right to left to see “OK” and “” move in same direction.

Check for a QR code on the label. To ensure its authenticity, capture the code using your smart phone with a QR code reader.

For older security seals, look fore the colour switching seal. Turn the box from side to side and see the colour switch. When the background is dark, half of the lettering “ORIGINAL TONER” will be light and vice versa.

2. Air-proof package of the cartridge inside the box

Inside the original box, cartridges are always air-proof packed. Ensure that this is the case with your toner.

3. Protective tape in cartridge

A protective tape separates the toner hopper from the magnetic roller. Ensure that your toner has this tape. In  some cartridges, this tape may have a plastic tip soldered to the cartridge case.

4. Production codes on the cartidge casing and on the box

Ensure that first 5 symbols of the production code on the cartridges box match first 5 symbols of the code on the cartridge inside the box. The difference in ending symbols should not be taken as a sign of forgery.

Knowing these 4 distinctive signs you can easily tell an original toner from a fake. And remember, there is always a reliable source of original HP toner cartridges at hand.

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